A Ramen Shop in Nashville

On hiatus until Fall of 2015

re-opening at 1104 Division Street Nashville TN




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Born as a POP-UP 
and moving into a brick and mortar shop in fall of 2015

Otaku, a Japanese slang term for an avid collector or enthusiast, especially one who is obsessed with anime or ramen.

We love ramen. We love the marriage of the perfect broth – from seasoning, to noodles, to toppings. Together they equal magic. At Otaku South, we are always looking for new combinations while sticking as close to traditional methods and philosophies as we can.

It all began in the late summer of 2012 when Sarah Gavigan returned to her native Tennessee after almost 20 years in Los Angeles.

"Eating ramen was a frequent event, and one that brought me a lot of joy. In my second year of living back in the South, I began to miss it terribly, so I dedicated myself to learning the craft of making traditional ramen. I am not Japanese, and it may seem unlikely to make traditional Japanese ramen in Middle Tennessee, but when I discovered that Nashville is situated on almost the exact same latitude as Tokyo, and there are hundreds of local farms to support our need for bones to make the succulent bone broth, it all began to make perfect sense.”

OTAKU SOUTH’s goal is to make a great bowl of ramen from the bounty of Middle Tennessee. Beginning with a carefully crafted bone broth, we next match just the right kind of noodle and complete the bowl with just the right toppings…. always striving for perfect harmony (slurping harmony, that is).




Otaku RAMEN will re-open in the FALL of 2015 and will be located at 1104 Division St. in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville TN. Free one hour parking will be available in the Icon building as well as across the street.